Study Abroad - J-Term in Aix-en-Provence


January 2, 2018 - January 20, 2018

IAU's January Term in Aix-en-Provence is designed for students interested in an academic and cultural experience in the Mediterranean region of Southern France. A variety of courses are available to meet each student's academic needs. IAU's exceptional out-of-classroom experiences include homestays, regional field studies and extracurricular activities such as wine tastings and cooking courses. Students have an immersive experience in the local culture during this intensive three-week program.

The many libraries, museums, churches, bookstores, markets, and cafès have earned Aix its reputation as one of France's most engaging cities. A wealth of cinemas, restaurants, discothëques, and sports facilities welcomes Aix's students. With its charm and Mediterranean climate, Aix-en-Provence is one of the most popular and sought-after cities in France.

Students can choose one of the following courses:

  • Art 160/360: Photography: Philosophy and Practice of Vision
  • Business 304: Business Ethics in the Global Market
  • French 101: Beginner French I
  • French 102: Beginner French II
  • French 201: Intermediate French I
  • French 202: Intermediate French II
  • Psychology 334: Abnormal Psychology

View the 2018 itinerary here. Please note, the schedule is tentative and subject to change. 

Program Fees

January 2018: $3,855

Program fees include tuition for 3 credits, lodging with homestays, medical insurance, entrance fees to all museums and guest lecture venues, breakfast daily and six dinners per week.

Students who enroll in a January Term Seminar and the spring semester in Aix-en-Provence consecutively are eligible to receive a $2,985 grant credited to their spring semester invoice. In order to be eligible to receive the grant, students must participate in the Early Start Program during the week between the end of the January Term Seminar and the start of the spring semester. The Early Start Program allows students to move in with their French hosts a week before the semester begins, receive French language instruction, and participate in local cultural activities! Visit IAU's Scholarship website for additional details.