Housing Information for Degree Students

Housing at IAU

IAU has different housing options available to both undergraduate and graduate students, including a homestay with a French host family, residence halls, or apartments/independent housing. IAU encourages students to live with a host family for at least one semester of their time at IAU.  All undergraduate students must live with a host family during their first year of study. After their first year, they are able to live in Residence Halls or find independent housing. IAU has an on-site housing coordinator in Aix who acts as the main contact and support for students with respect to their housing and living situations. 

Please see below for details regarding each different housing option. If you have any questions please contact IAU's Housing Coordinator at housing@iaufrance.org.

Housing costs may be found on the Tuition & Fees page.


All undergraduate students are required to live in a homestay during their first year of study, and all MAFS and MAIR graduate students are required to live in a homestay during their first semester of study.

Living in a French homestay provides an immediate introduction to life in France, and is a great incentive to learning the language and integrating into the Aix community. IAU’s hosts come from a cross section of society; some are families with young or grown children, others are single retirees. Some work busy schedules while others may spend most of their days at home. Some of our hosts have several rooms that they rent out to students, and some have just one room.

Housing coordinators make periodic visits to the hosts to be sure that the cleanliness and comfort meet IAU's standards. At the end of each term, IAU alumni consistently remark on the growth and insight offered by the homestay experience. Students must be flexible and accepting within their French household, and will in all likelihood find the attitude rewarded. Below are some of the ways in which alumni have learned and grown from living with a French family: 

  • French comprehension and speaking ability improve dramatically
  • Awareness of current events, political outlook, and cultural customs enrich their lives immeasurably
  • The food may be a delightful education in itself, and dinnertime may provide a gracious and lively event each day
When living in French homes, students are on a demi-pension “plan.” This includes daily breakfast and six dinners per week. No arrangements can be made for lodging other persons or pets. Linen, pillow, and blankets are provided and the room is cleaned weekly. Each host will generally provide one machine load of wash per week.

Read more about the homestay program here.

Residence Halls

Private Residence Halls are also available to IAU students.  The private sector has been strongly developed in the past few years to compensate for the lack of housing for university students, making residence halls a good option for students in Aix-en-Provence. Most of them are located in the center of town, a 15-minute walk from IAU campuses.

Students who choose to live in Residence Halls will generally have roommates: 2 students per room, 2-5 students per apartment.

Please note: when staying in residence halls, students are responsible for their own meals which will add additional expense.

Cost: 400-700 € per month (utilities included) , per person, for a standard size apartment.

Apartments/Independent Housing

Students interested in independent housing are responsible for finding and securing their own housing arrangements. In the past, Leboncoin.fr has been a good resource for students looking to locate apartments. In addition, a limited number of host families offer semi-independent arrangements in which students are responsible for their own meals. Students interested in semi-independent arrangements with host families should contact the Housing Coordinator to inquire about availability.

Most apartments available in Aix are one-room apartments (studios) or two-room apartments (a bedroom and a living room). All apartments have a bathroom and a kitchen.

Cost of living:

  • Rented room: 400-450 € per month
  • Studio (one person): 500-600 € per month plus utilities
  • More than one bedroom: 750€ per month and more

Important items to consider:

  • Living with another student or a roommate (“Co-loc” or "colocotaire" in French) might help you to integrate into the French way of living more easily, and it is a way to lower the standing expenses, such as electricity, heating, telephone, local taxes.
  • Internet and utilities: you will have the possibility to order internet for approximately 40 Euros per month. Utilities (electricity, gas, water) will cost around 50-100 euros per month.
  • Rent prices tend to be less expensive near Aix/Marseille University (outside of the city center) compared to living in the historical city center of Aix.
  • Most apartments do not have a washing machine, and the French do not use dryers. However, the apartment will most probably have a drying rack. If your apartment doesn’t have a washing machine, see where the closest laundromat is located.
  • Students choosing to live in an apartment should be aware that, in France, landlords take little responsibility for daily maintenance.
  • A deposit and guarantee letter from a person who resides in France are often requested.
  • You may bring your own linens or buy them in Aix.

For any questions regarding housing arrangments, students may consult with IAU’s housing coordinator.